Some Very Amazing And Cool Facts About Fishing


Fishing is just a simple task of catching fishes in a myriad ways. But this simple process caters some very amazing and cool facts which will make you addicted towards fishing.

So here are some of the most amazing facts about fishing which will baffle you.

To let you that there are over 27,000 species of fish which live around the world. Compared to all the reptiles, mammals, bird and amphibians combined this is a very huge number.

With 9 million sq km the Australian Fishing Zone is the 3rd largest fishing zone in the world.

It is been reported that abound 6,000 species of fish are found living in the Australian waters alone.

In Australia commercial fishing is the 5th largest food production industry. It is generating more than $2 billion dollars to the economy every year.

Did you know that there are various styles of fishing?

The largest and the biggest Tuna fish to be ever caught in Australia weighted around 378 kg.

The fishermen are a very superstitious people. Yes you may believe it or not but they are lets see how.

Sailor who wear earring or are tattooed will not drown.

It is also believed that bananas bring a bad luck to fishing, and could mean trouble for the trip.

If you take a fishing pole into your house before going fishing, you will not be able to catch any fish.

If a dog is found near a fishing equipment then it is believed to be bad luck.

If you talk while fishing you will not be able to catch any fish as fishes can hear you.

The oldest fish hook ever to be found was to be dating back around 42,000 years ago.

Mostly all the fishes consist a little bit of salt in them. Sharks however have meat as much salty as the ocean in which they live in.