Most Deadliest Fishes In The World


A lot of people around the world depend on upon fishes and products made out of it. There are around 30,000 different fishes on the Earth, but there are only a few fish species among them which can be eaten or safe to catch them.There are some fishes which attack humans and some can prove to be poisonous if handled carelessly.

So before you get into the sea or any fresh water body you should be aware of which species of fish are deadly and can attack humans.

Electric Eel

The electric eel which is also known as electrophorus electricus is a South American fish which is elongated and produces a very powerful electric shock so that it could stun its prey. The electric organs are present in the tail region of an electric eel and it discharges 300 to 650 volts which are powerful enough to jolt humans.

The eel uses its electric discharge to stun its prey which includes fishes which try to escape. It is one of the principal aquatic predators which are found mostly in whitewater flooded forest which is known as varzea.

Atlantic Manta

Manta rays which are famously known as devil rays comes from several genre of marine rays which comprise the Mobulidae family. They have large fleshy pectoral fins which sometimes may seem like a devil’s horns on looking from the front of the head. They consist of short tails which seem to be like a whip. This tail section consists of one or more stinging spines which can easily stun a fish and even human beings.

They basically feed on plankton and small fishes which they sweep into their mouth using their cephalic fins.