6 Easy Yet Simple Ways To Save Money On Food & Drinks


No doubt we get exhausted after a tiring day at work. Instead of going home and cooking food, we feel tempted to visit the nearest Pizza Hut outlet and order a pizza. No big deal, right? But what about the expense that adds up by the end of the month due to our uncontrolled temptations? Now it is possible to enjoy relishing on your favourite dishes at your favourite food outlet just by making use of VoucherShops-UK offers. There are more ways to save good on food and drinks. They are as follows:

1. Make a budget
The needs of every family are different. So set your weekly budget accordingly. Apart from groceries, include a small budget for coffee shop drinks, weekend get-together, etc. In case you happen to spend 40£ on food outside, try to adjust the same amount in your next weekly budget. This way you will come out even. Have a proper planning for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. This way you will not be buying more.

2. Make your coffee
Are you the kind of the person who grabs on a cup of coffee on the way to work? Stop that habit or else start having one at home. You can easily make coffee at home using a coffee machine. Just find some time for it in the morning. This will reduce your expense on the outside coffee. Again, go for simpler one once in a week rather for the fancier choices.

3. Carry your lunch
You may not be having official lunch everyday at the expense of the company. So better carry your lunch for other days. You can either have a plate of salad or a sandwich and make it economical.

4. Limit your drinks
Enjoying some happy hours is not a crime. But keep in mind that the more number of drinks you will have the more you will add to the bill. Apart from losing money, the only other thing you will experience is a heavy head the next morning. So keep your count down and again have drinks outside seldom.

5. Make your dinner
As said earlier, it is very tempting to not to make dinner after a tiring day. So better set up your dinner in a crock pot before you leave home so as to have steaming food waiting for you in the evening. This way you will have healthy as well as economical food.

6. Gather together
If you too have friends who are much worried about making dinner after work. Start working together. You can better end up preparing the food together and thus save hundreds of pounds spent on outside food.

Remember that there is nothing wrong in delighting yourself with some amazing food once in a while. But, just keep check on your habits if you want to stay in a budget. Small changes in your daily habits is going to pay you well.